A noted Futurist, provocative public speaker, and best-selling author, FAITH POPCORN is Founder and CEO of our company. A trusted advisor to the C-suite, she is renowned for her extraordinary ability to identify sustainable consumer Trends and translate the business opportunity to benefit our clients, positioning brands and entire corporations to succeed in the quickly evolving landscape of Tomorrow.


By applying our proprietary methodology and Trend insights, we lead the Fortune 500 to their Best Future. Our team has an unparalleled 95% ACCURACY rate in forecasting what is ahead and successfully applying that vision. We have created billions of dollars in revenue for our clients through visionary new products, positioning, brand strategy and campaigns.


Faith’s Latest Op-Ed: The End of Masculinity: 5 STEPS INTO THE FUTURE FOR BRANDS

Too often, masculinity is defined by genitalia and stereotypes; by the belief that a man’s biology dictates aggression, anger, strength and stoicism. In this piece for AdAge, Faith Popcorn shares her five steps for brands looking to navigate the future of gender, including removing gender distinctions from products, changing the typical "man" image, using research to co-create, supporting the left-behind men, and taking risks to change.

Faith Popcorn on Jeff Bezos’ latest venture: Taking on Healthcare

“Jeff Bezos is an architect of tomorrow,” says Faith Popcorn, futurist, author and CEO of marketing consultancy BrainReserve. “Our whole lives are going to be consolidated under Amazon and optimized by Amazon and its metrics of what people like us buy, and what other products and services we’re Primed to want—yes, Primed with a capital P. It’s both brilliant and terrifying at the same time.”