Futurist Faith Popcorn speeches

When corporations seek a provocative and insightful speaker, whose words will trigger sweeping innovation they call on FAITH POPCORN.

Faith is the renowned futurist, best-selling author, and CEO of FAITH POPCORN'S BRAINRESERVE, the leading strategic marketing consultancy guiding the Fortune 500 to their best Tomorrows for over 40 years. Faith's landmark work, THE POPCORN REPORT, introduced the concepts of consumer Trends, Trend-tracking, and Applied Futurism to a hungry audience. Her team's consulting work for brands and companies – which focuses on revealing the landscape of Tomorrow then navigating a path to sustainable profitability – has generated billions in revenue.

Within her immersive multi-media speeches, Faith highlights little noticed cultural currents and insights. In her speeches, which frequently kick off innovation days, industry conferences, and academic gatherings, Faith is known for her dynamic presence, shocking revelations, warmth, and wit. Faith's speeches are approximately 45 minutes in length, followed by a Q&A. In addition to Faith, our seasoned FUTURISTS and TALENTBANK experts are frequent industry speakers and panelists.

Here Are Some of Faith's Upcoming & Recent Speeches:

Dubai: Arab Innovation Summit Feb. 26 – 28
Key Note Speaker: The Future of Transportation

Faith shares cultural currents that are transforming the world for consumers and businesses, and offers provocative insights into how to capitalize on these shifts today to achieve sustainable growth.

Austin: SXSW Austin March 9 – 18
Presenting: Hurry Up, High Times are Here

The US legal cannabis industry will boom to $50 billion in the next decade, more than eight times its current size. Faith Popcorn and industry experts reveal how it will reinvent the consumer landscape and many familiar products and services.

Chicago: ANA Brand Activation Conference April 16 - 18
Your Customer 2028: 3 Shocking Shifts

Faith Popcorn illuminates emerging forces that will transform who your customer is, what she cares about, what kinds of marketing resonates, and how she shops.

Chicago: Beverage Forum April 24-25
Predicting: What We’ll Drink in 2038

Faith outlines the shifts in the consumer lifestyle and need states that point the way to innovation success.

Cannes: Cannes Lions June 18-22
Main Stage: The Future of Masculinity

Faith Popcorn and other leading thinkers discuss where our current Gender Wars are heading and the impact to be felt on culture and commerce.


“Faith, Thank you for your participation at CECP’s Summit. It was so great to hear your perspective and share your futurist vision with CECP’s 200+ companies in the audience. You provided a powerful touch to CECP’s 15th Summit.”

Daryl Brewster
Chief Executive Officer, CECP

The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy ( CECP ) is the foremost voice of today’s leading CEOs, focused on empowering corporations to be a force for good in society.

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