Futurist Faith Popcorn and her BrainReserve consultancy use their innovative TrendBank, comprised of 17 evolving trends that shape our culture, to help predict the future

It all started with Cocooning....

Faith Popcorn’s TrendBank captured the imagination of clients, consumers and the press when Faith coined the term Cocooning to describe the cultural current she saw emerging in the late 1980s. Rather than going out – whether to a restaurant, the movies, or a nightclub – people were starting to stay in. Not out of laziness, but because of shifts that made home feel surprisingly fun and supremely comfortable – from the advent of HBO (movies in your own home, rather than trekking to a theater) to the launch of microwave popcorn, to the deliciousness of a leather La-Z-Boy recliner.

The global recognition of Cocooning (which entered the dictionary) only served to highlight the value of the TrendBank, which is the repository of 17 deep societal currents. These Trends illuminate both human behavior and marketplace shifts; they chart what’s ahead and help us illuminate what steps to take today, so our clients thrive Tomorrow.

Faith Popcorn’s TrendBank identifies how Trends morph and find new expression over time. For example, Cocooning is transforming over time. In the current moment, for some Americans, the Trend has shifted from people having fun and relaxing at home to their seeking Armored Cocoons. In this instance, people seek to isolate themselves in luxurious bunkers -- ultra-secure dwellings with filtered air, water, a highly encrypted digital network, upscale survivalist rations, and a medical suite on-premises to help them survive apocalyptic times.

The 17 Trends currently being tracked:

1.   Cocooning: The need to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the outside world.

2.   99 Lives: Too fast a pace, too little time, causes societal schizophrenia and forces us to assume multiple roles.

3.   Being Alive: Awareness that good health extends longevity and leads to a new way of life.

4.   Clanning: Belonging to a group that represents common feelings, causes or ideals; validating one’s own belief system.

5.   FutureTense: Consumers, anxiety-ridden by simultaneous social, economic, political and ethical chaos, find themselves beyond their ability to cope with today or imagine tomorrow.

6.   AtmosFear: Polluted air, contaminated water, and tainted food stir up a storm of consumer doubt and uncertainty.

7.   EVEolution: The way women think and behave is impacting business, causing a marketing shift away from a hierarchical model to a relational one.

8.   Icon Toppling: A new socioquake transforms mainstream America and the world as the pillars of society are questioned and rejected.

9.   Save Our Society: The country rediscovers a social conscience of ethics, passion and compassion.

10.   EGOnomics: To offset a depersonalized society, consumers crave recognition of their individuality.

11.   Anchoring: A reaching back to our spiritual roots, taking what was secure from the past in order to be ready for the future.

12.   Vigilante Consumer: The consumer manipulates marketers and the marketplace through pressure, protest and politics.

13.   Down Aging: Nostalgic for their carefree childhood, Baby Boomers find comfort in familiar pursuits and products from their youth.

14.   Pleasure Revenge: Consumers are having a secret bacchanal. They’re mad as hell and want to cut loose again.

15.   Small Indulgences: Stressed-out consumers want to indulge in affordable luxuries and seek ways to reward themselves.

16.   Cashing Out: Working women and men, questioning personal/career satisfaction and goals, opt for simpler living.

17.   Fantasy Adventure: Modern age whets our desire for roads untaken.