“Jessica loves seeing the world through consumers’ eyes and using those insights to solve thorny business challenges.”

For almost 20 years, Jessica has built her career at top creative agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Arnold, DraftFCB and Euro/Havas, working with Fortune 50 clients to overcome obstacles and stay relevant in changing times. Under Jessica’s leadership, Head & Shoulders dusted off their ‘old man’ image and attracted women, Diet Coke bounced back after being hit hard by teas and waters, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups took their sweet-and-salty combination global. She helped modernize Mr. Peanut, brought the Trix Rabbit into the digital age and helped Snapple stay ‘the best stuff on Earth’. After many years on Madison Avenue, Jess started her own consulting firm, Boundless Brands. Her first project was working with the White House on ‘Let’s Move’, a program designed to curb child obesity. Jess believes people are quick to replace products but are reluctant to give up brands when they see themselves in their story. Her greatest joy is creating the brands you just can’t live without. Jessica received a BA from NYU in Media Analysis and Marketing. She loves farm-to-table cooking, live music, world travel and Pilates. She lives in Park Slope with her husband, Matt and their dog, Mama.