“Kate has rare expertise: she can recognize and articulate the potential for meaningful human experiences in everyday strategy, and in doing so, can help companies make more money and add lasting value.”

Kate's career has been characterized by firsts. She built the first departmental website at the University of Illinois at Chicago, after which she was recruited to Toshiba in San Jose, California and built their first intranet. Shortly after, held the first content management role at Netflix. Some years later, drove industry-leading optimization work at magazines.com and twice served on Omniture's Customer Advisory Boards (before Adobe acquired them).

Her work revolves around meaning, data and the human experience in our digital lives and beyond. Kate believes that underlying much of data is human behavior, which requires empathy and insight. She's driven to make things better.

Kate has been named a 'Woman to Watch in Retail Disruption," "Technology Entrepreneur of the Year," "Social Media Strategist of the Year," a "Power Leader in Technology" and a "Woman of Influence," along with numerous other awards and recognitions.