Our revved-up world isn't just changing faster than ever before, it's creating new words and new language at breakneck speed. Now, Faith Popcorn, the futurist and trend authority who is known as the Nostradamus of marketing—and Adam Hanft, author, business strategist and media critic—have created the first-ever Dictionary of the Future a thought-provoking, entertaining and richly informative collection of hundreds of new, emerging and just-invented words and terms.

While traditional dictionaries wait for language to achieve familiarity, Dictionary of the Future is there first, enabling readers to identify the latest trends across all dimensions of the culture. Turn its pages and you see the future taking shape, word by word, idea by idea. Organized by familiar categories such as the arts, corporate America, education, health and technology—and by provocative rubrics such as "New Behaviors" and "New Structures".