02 May 2017 Press 2163 Views

TrendWatch: Will Frugality or Consumption Win?

Predicted futurist Faith Popcorn: "As President-elect Trump—voted in by average Americans—stocks his cabinet with billionaires, we'll see a duality emerge and the rift between the Haves and the Have-nots deepening."

Faith Popcorn was interviewed by The Street soon after the 2016 Presidential election. A noted Futurist, best-selling author and CEO of the strategic consultancy Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, she had a strong viewpoint. Asked whether consumer Trends indicated that the nation would be more frugal or more free-spending after President Trump’s win, she had the following to say: "The rich and struggling alike will also find a new allure in the Simple Life. Just as Trump is seen feasting on fast food, so will other basic American pleasures gain badge value - as a vote of solidarity with those who powered Trump into office. It's a nostalgia for 'the good old days.'"

She also predicted: "Watch as luxury goods boom, and hyper-customized concierge and on-demand services for the elite, skyrocket. Some of it will be seen in public, but it will be happening full-tilt in private.” With a documented accuracy rate of 95% in forecasting what’s ahead, Faith is known as a trusted advisor to the C-suite of the Fortune 500. She calls her practice Applied Futurism, meaning she not only uses her proprietary methodology and inputs to know what lies ahead, she can interpret that vision of Tomorrow to help clients develop sustainable and profitable brands and businesses.

Her best-selling book The Popcorn Report introduced the world to the concept of consumer Trends and Trend-tracking. (She subsequently published three more books sharing her expertise in future-focused marketing and strategic consulting.) Among the renowned Trends she identified are Pleasure Revenge – in which consumers are mad as hell and seek to let loose by (over)indulging—and Future Tense, which captures how stressed-out consumers can’t cope with daily life. Both of these cultural currents apply to the state of today’s consumers as a new kind of leader emerges.

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