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You’ll never believe which country is crazy for fake sausage. Traditional Czech cuisine is hearty, even stodgy stuff: dumplings, thick soups, plus meats and potatoes of all kind. But today’s health-conscious mindset is making waves.

At every corner you turn in Prague, you find a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. How did this city make such a huge leap towards lighter, more vegetable-focused menus? Jan Plajner, the owner of Secret of Raw eatery, told us that this still-new trend was launched by the kitchen wizard known as the Gordon Ramsay of Prague, Chef Zdenĕk Pohlreich. Through his TV shows and restaurants, Chef Pohlreich has triggered a wave of more mindful and nutritious eating; Secret of Raw was the first cafe in Prague to open its doors to vegan, vegetarian and raw foodies two years ago. Today, there are several sprinkled throughout the city.

The owners of My Raw Café, Milos and Miroslava Malanik, say that while raw eaters are still a distinct minority, times are changing—and fast. Increasingly, items like dumplings that are stuffed with faux meat, as well as tofu sausages, and vegan pizzas are popping up on menus. And just recently, Prague hosted the Raw Food Fest and a Vegan Parade—the latter was packed with over 1,000 revelers, some costumed as cute cows and chickens to send a “Don’t eat me” message. The attendees were the younger generation who grew up eating old-school meals at home and are looking for lighter, healthier options. They admit that their parents don’t understand what they eat and what they spend their money on. It seems that generation gap exists globally as Millennials embrace a new style of eating that their Boomer parents find perplexing—but as this huge generation moves into maturity, we expect to see this shift take flight.

Post by Anuja Joshi, Trendspotter-at-large for Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve. Part of the project, Anuja is proving that—thanks to technology—one can work just about anywhere.