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Stressed-out consumers are desperate for tranquility—will your brand deliver? If you’re in the liquor industry, run a hospitality brand, market a CPG, or manage pharmaceutical drugs, then you'll need to understand this crucial marketing insight from the team of futurists at Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve. Your consumer is having a moment—a stressed-out moment—and it’s only going to get worse. Anxiety is reaching epic proportions. There is overwhelming worry about the bleak job market, divisive politics, gender wars, and our unhealthy environment. Using our Applied Futurism methodology to identify Tomorrow’s market trends today, we envision consumers desperately seeking relief via artificially intelligent chill-bots, VR play-spaces, consciousness-altering breathing, and even soothing wearables. To future-proof your brand, here’s what you need to know:

We’re seeing Millennials living a Detox/Retox life—they work hard, play hard, and then chill out with yoga, meditation, and marijuana. They look for a natural high, in keeping with their love for all things grounded and earthy. Our futurists predict cannabis will be widely legalized and adopted by this massive generation, causing the alcohol and pharma industries to feel the pain. Who will go to Happy Hour when they can smoke or vape their way to a laid-back state? And why get an Rx for an anti-inflammatory or SSRI for depression when dozens of weed blends promise similar relief?

Gen Z, by contrast, will strike out on a different path, seamlessly embracing tech fantasy worlds to alleviate their angst. They'll be turning to soothing, AI-driven psychology bots to manage their moods and kicking back with gregarious goblins inside AR/VR hangspaces.

In a bid to seek calm, humans in the future will seek out their “people like us” (PLU) clan, chill in sound baths, and sit in meditation pods with gender-fluid intergenerational rebels and revolutionaries alike. They’ll start holotropic breathing for an altered state of consciousness, select a scientifically-optimized personal audio feed, and use Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) wearables like The Alpha-Stim® to absorb some mood-enhancing electrochemical pulses.

No one cares about the corner office or executive bathroom key anymore. But they do want sanity benefits at work. Are you ready to future-proof your brand and business to provide these?

Call it whole-life recognition: parental leave, egg-freezing, relatives’ cancer care, travel stipends, nurturing entrepreneurial passion projects on the side, and providing further education on company time are just some of the expected employee benefits of the future. Student-loan repayment is rising as the hot new lure to get young people to join big corporations and it’s a huge stress-reliever. So are the mindfulness-training courses offered by 22% of companies currently and rising. Another path to on-the-job zen (while IRL workplaces are still around): power-napping—an idea that comes straight from Japan and is currently embraced by Silicon Valley. Can your company provide beautifully-designed chill spaces with Zero-G style pods for ultimate relaxation?

HR departments are increasingly incorporating social sensing and analytics platforms to meld work patterns around existing cohesive networks to increase productivity and the happiness quotient. The big trend? Bosses will let workers sleep through the night without pinging their digital devices. Go ahead, turn it off—the economic modeling of a tired workforce has been quantified and employers are taking note.

Transfer your current commodity-based thinking into chill-service offerings. It’s less about products that people will buy to get out of their busy heads and more about what they’ll pay to participate in experiences that make them feel good and stress-free.

The next few decades will see a shift as consumers demand branded products and services that transport them into a sublimely “chill” state. Now is the time to dive in and get creative. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about how we can do that together.