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The latest craze in Wellness helps consumers freeze their way to fit! Walking into the Kryolife waiting room feels no different than entering any generic dentist or doctors office. But beyond the lobby, clients strip to the undergarments; put on the provided shoes, socks, gloves, and robe; and step into a chamber that reaches temperatures as low as -292 degrees (after removing the robe). For those of us who can barely brave the outdoors when temperatures drops below freezing, just the thought of this process is probably enough to have you stressed and frostbitten to the bone. But, as it turns out, the effects of cryotherapy treatment areis actually quite the opposite. Clients leave the office feeling happier, more energized, more flexible, and overall better than when they stepped in.

As inconceivable as it may seem that our bodies can withstand these temperatures cryotherapy has been a proven treatment since the 1970’s when it was originally used to help relieve arthritic patients. In recent years, however, its uses have expanded to include beauty treatment, weight loss, mood improvement, reduced recovery time for injuries, and all-around enhanced physical and mental health. Think of it as a manifestation of our Fantasy Adventure trend—people embracing new and unconventional experiences. Celebrities and athletes such as Demi Moore, Daniel Craig, and world’s fastest man Usain Bolt have all championed cryotherapy, and now Kryolife has made a home for cryotherapy on the East Coast with its Manhattan location. As a relatively easy way to feel and look good, Kryolife has found success, and plans on opening more locations soon.

So what makes cryotherapy help our bodies instead of freeze them? There is neither air current nor moisture in the air, so the liquid nitrogen cooling agent never makes contact with your skin. Despite the extreme temperatures within the cryosana—which is open at the top to keep your head and neck free—clients say the treatment generally feels like standing in front of an open freezer for too long. The abrupt plunge in temperature causes your body to react accordingly, which includes releasing endorphins, and reducing swelling. It also causes a surge of adrenaline, which enhances your immune system. When the 1-3 minutes in the cryosauna is over, blood is pumped furiously throughout the body, improving oxygen supply and better eliminating toxins.

After leaving the cryosauna chambers, clients at Kryolife end their sessions with 15-30 minutes of light cardio.

Certain benefits of cryotherapy, such as increased energy and flexibility will take place immediately after treatment typically last for a few hours to a few days, with increased benefits the more sessions you take.

As our society becomes more and more focused on wellness and fitness (that’s our Being Alive trend in action), Kryolife shows just how far people will go to make their health and well-being a priority.