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Christmas shopping is never easy —what do you get the person who literally "has everything"?! — and for those of you who loathe it, the annual chore is about to get, well, we'll just say more interesting... Below Faith Popcorn gives us a peek into what tomorrow's Christmas Wishlist might look like.

Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue: 2035

1. Intelligence Booster Chip for 20 Days of job interviews
2. Mandarin Language Chip insertion for trip to Shanghai
3. Exoskelatal strength-amplifier for on-foot trip through the Amazon
4. Gender expansion enhancement from Female to Male, weekend lease
5. English Speaking Rotweiller
6. One Evening VR Trip to your Future
7. Weekend VR Retro-Trip to departed parents and siblings
8. Fresh natural food dinner with real spring water
9. Lab created genius newborn with your DNA, enhanced
10. Share in a private reservoir