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The Crated is a fashion company with a tech background. It’s making sure that the future of fashion is lit...using textile circuits.

A jacket that can tell you if you’re about to have a heart attack; a bikini that can tell you if you’re getting too much sun, or even a dress that can change color and pattern at the press of a button and without wires. These garments might seem like something you’d expect to find in a Sci-Fi movie, but soon, thanks to the work of Maddy Maxey and her team at The Crated, they may be available from your favorite fashion label.

Originally focused on research collaborations, The Crated is a wearable technology company based in Brooklyn. The Crated sees itself as a tech company with a fashion background. That approach helps them create work that bridges the gap between fashion garments and technological devices. Though they are now more focused on internal production of their smart apparel manufacturing solution INTELiTEX, they still do collaborations and have had partnerships with other companies such as The North face, Zac Posen, and Google.

Currently, they are working on creating a better textile circuit, or e-textile, which can be printed using conductive ink, or made with thread on an embroidery machine.

So why textile circuits? Well for one, they’ll allow electronic fashion to be much more consumer friendly. Right now, it is very expensive to make a garment with electronic elements, and when they finally are created, they are often too bulky or fragile for everyday wear. With e-textiles it will not only make wearable technology easier to produce but much sturdier and more inexpensive as well. Mass producing

This technology would lead to the creation of things such as a self-heating jacket (currently in progress), or even a second generation Space Suit which will be much less cumbersome than the iconic one we all know!

Whether you’re a fan of fashion, technology, or both, we can thank innovative companies like The Crated for bringing the future closer to today.