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Need to workout but feeling unmotivated? Peloton Cycle has the perfect solution! For those who favor exercises that require gym equipment, there are generally two options: join a gym/fitness class or buy equipment for the home. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. A class provides motivation and excitement by immersing you in the studio’s energy and allowing you to engage with like-minded individuals (our Clanning trend), while home equipment allows you to make your own schedule and work out in the comfort of your own home (our Cocooning trend). For years, to enjoy the benefits of one you’d have to sacrifice the benefits of the other. But Peloton Cycle has reinvented the fitness game by combining these two contradictory experiences.

Peloton Cycle is both an NYC cycling studio and a piece of home fitness equipment. Consumers can buy the bike online or at one of the many US Peloton viewing studios and have it delivered straight to their home. But what makes the Peloton bike stand out is its 21.5” HD screen, which live streams videos of the classes taking place in the NYC studio. The Peloton Bike also includes an on-demand library, so users can stick to their own schedule without surrendering the spirit of their favorite instructors or classes.

Peloton members also have access to an account, where they can track their progress, earn achievements, compete with other members, and choose a number of global landscapes and trails to follow virtually. Instructors can even motivate those live streaming home by calling out their names, feeding into our Egonomics trend. All of this is part of founder John Foley’s mission to remove the boredom from in-home fitness equipment.

Foley, a cycling fan himself, was inspired to create Peloton in 2014 after learning that home fitness equipment often went unused. While people were inspired to invest in home equipment due to its convenience and the desire to live a healthy lifestyle (our Being Alive trend), the dullness that frequently accompanies a solo, in-home exercise routine often overpowered that desire.

Peloton Cycle continues the shift towards more happening within the home (online shopping, food delivery, etc.). It allows members to engage in Clanning, as they can connect to other members and feel involved in the group displayed on their screen, while simultaneously cocooning safely within their home. Peloton Cycle points towards a future of fitness where technology allows us to remain connected even when we are apart.