That's the question we ask our clients. Our Applied Futurism methodology and insights illuminate what's next, so our brands and businesses can thrive into the next decade and beyond. 



"Faith is the ultimate rule-breaker and game changer. For decades, faith has been a force of insight around the future, using her keen sense of curiosity + sense-making to simplify the mega trends shaping the world, and helping leaders figure out how to co-opt these forces for the benefit of their customers and their businesses. Faith has been crowd-sourcing insights from her network of 1000’s of independent thinkers around the world in her brain reserve, before “crowd-sourcing" became a part of today’s vernacular. Faith is in need of some vibrant strategic thinkers—curious self-starters who can see around corners, and who are fearless in bringing forth new insights and ideas."
— Stacey Estrella, Founder, Humanifesto Studios


"The event Faith and team threw for us was fabulous. I received soooo much positive feedback across the organization."
—Herm Cukier, General Manager/VP, Allergan Women's Healthcare


"Dear Faith, i now understand why people vividly remember your presentations and insights, regardless of how much time has passed since they last saw you! Thanks again for taking us on an incredible journey into the future last night. We are so grateful for your time, thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit. We also appreciated working with your great team on all the behind-the-scenes details. Look forward to many more "human" encounters with you all."
–Daniela Weiss, VP, Programming, NAWBO


"Hi Faith! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication of Amy, Ron and Ali. I can always count on them to deliver and it's a pleasure to work with them! You have built a great team!"
–Erin Capra, Allergan


"Faith – thank you for taking the time to share some of your visionary perspectives and trend spotting with our Western Union global marketing community during our #thinking tuesday session. I was sorry i was not able to be there in person but was thrilled to hear so many of the marketeers around the globe reverberate back to me their thoughts from the session. The overwhelming feedback was the the information was very thought provoking and inspiring! So kudos and well done! Thanks for the taking the time out of your day – educating and developing our marketing staff around the world is an important initiative @wu and getting “outside in” fuel is so important – thanks for the fuel injection to the team! Cheers. Thanks!"
–Diane Scott, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Western Union Financial Services